sub 90 running pack

Thoracic Belt System

Two pockets, naturally accessible when running, with just the right stretch to lock all items into place.

The right pocket has three mini-slots to keep in check the smallest of things.  The left pocket contains a tucked away micro-whistle, just in case.

Nothing moves. Nothing bounces!

Pockets are 1 cm shorter in Sub90 XS-S sizes.


Sub 90 is delivered with an ingeniously designed Low Profile soft flask.  Contrary to traditional bladders, FLASK500 is malleable.  The flask collapses as you drink letting you absorb almost 100% of its content and avoiding any possible sloshing.

Use FLASK500 as as a standalone soft flask with its screw-on mouthpiece (included) or with the 23 in (58 cm) tube, its 45 degrees angled rotating mouthpiece and minimalist tube attachment.

FLASK500 fits snugly into a custom made pocket lined with a thermo-fabric.  The fabric prevents both the outside temperature and your body to increase the liquid's temperature. 

Liquids remain up to 46% colder after 90 min.  

Minimalist tube lock

Pulling the tube out or putting it back is so natural, no learning curve is necessary!

The surprising Fidlock™ Magnetic Fastener

The Fidlock system combines two fastening concepts in one: a magnetic snap and a mechanical lock that clips tightly around 1 of 3 positions, offering useful adjustments while on the run.

Fidlock truly revolutionizes traditional fastening systems.

High-Durability Honeycomb Fabric

Using high tenacity fibers, FITLY's fabric is exceptionally durable and puncture resistant. 

The fabric is "best in class", used in high-end mountain guide equipment, made to endure the toughest conditions.


No Bouncing Phone Slot

Cell phones are important for security, communication, music, orientation and running Apps.  They're so essential, 91% of runners never leave without it.

FITLY's Phone Slot has two objectives: keep your phone from bouncing and weather-sweat protect it.  FITLY is small. You barely feel it.    

FITLY is also water resistant. Your phone and other important valuables are protected from the toughest weather.

Silent Zipper Tabs

FITLY is equipped with YKK special noise-free zipper tabs.  The tabs cannot move when you run so annoying ticking noise is impossible. 


NB: zipper maintenance is important.  Read our blog on the subject.


A nice touch of Green Innovation.

S.Café® is an eco-friendly (Cradle to Cradle certified) soft fabric that combines nylon yarns and recycled ground coffee at the cellular level. The fascinating benefit is natural odor resistance.  Green innovation is a win-win!  The S.Café® fabric also naturally cools your skin temperature down!

Sweat, drizzle, pouring rain, FITLY’s 200% UltraWick is a techno-fabric that drains moisture and leaves you dry.  So soft, wear it on your bare skin!

Run, sweat, rinse, hang… repeat! 

Bilateral CleverAdjust

FITLY has five easy adjustments to make it your own: 

Two bilateral straps adjustments to lower the belt (up and down) so it is correctly positioned below the pectoral muscles. 

Two bilateral thoracic belt adjustments to reach sizes varying from 26 in/67 cm (XS) to 41 in/105 cm (XL).  Your band size is calculated below the pectoral muscles/breasts (same as a cardio or the bottom portion of a bra (band)).  

The fifth adjustment is the three-pronged Fidlock Fastening System (see above) with 1 in/2.5 cm micro-adjustments at the front of the belt, useful while running.

See how to measure

Packed with Water Resistance

Drizzle or pour, the PU-coated fabric is water-resistant. It does not make FITLY waterproof but resistant to endure the toughest weather!  

The phone slot brings additional moisture protection to the phone.  A fully waterproof liner separates your back from the pockets making it impossible for sweat to affect the pockets' contents.  

No need to time the weather, postpone a work-out or try to outrun the oncoming storm.  No need for a plastic bag either!  Just keep on running and know your valuables are protected. 

Reflective Bands

Front and back safety reflective bands as well as silver reflective logos for your night adventures. See and be seen!  

Also available is a 2 inch long webbing to attach an additional light.  

Micro-Whistle big noise

The left pocket contains a small slot that keeps the micro-whistle secured. In the case of emergency, the whistle is readily available and retrieved effortlessly.  

Thickness and pockets

Sub 90 has three pockets layer: 

1. THERMO-POCKET:  containing the flask and the tubing system (21x14 cm).

2. PHONE POCKET: keep phone and valuables protected (21x14cm).

3. OUTER POCKET: store small, thick, short, long, thin whatevers (21x14cm).

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