January 15, 2020

High-quality accessories typically come with high-quality zippers.  When researching components to develop the SUB45 and SUB90, we analyzed this topic extensively and happily settled on YKK zippers, considered to be the best zippers available in the marketplace.  We also agreed to pay twice the cost of the second-best alternative.

FITLY users tackle all kinds of terrains in all kinds of weather at any time of the day in any season. Some of the pictures we receive project a deep sense of adventure and a “whatever it takes“ attitude. 

Components going through such treatment collect dirt, salt, dust, sand and all kinds of particles.  Add water, lack of use at times and any zipper will jam if not properly maintained

If your zipper is completely stuck, google “unstick zipper”. You’ll find many home remedies.  Soap and water go a long way. Beware! Zippers are like tangled ropes, never force your way out of it!  Here is a good video to watch as a starting point. 

Tip: after washing it, exert pulling/pushing force with plier on the slider if the zipper is locked into place solidly, not the pull tab.  The pulling angle will be parallel to the chain and more effective than the angled pull tab.

Once unstuck, wash the area carefully with a toothbrush and lubricate the zipper.

YKK’s official care and maintenance:  Apply paraffin or the lubricating spray ZIPPYCOOLto the front and backside of the elements and move the slider up and down several times to work in the lubricant and make the slider work smoothly.

You can also use organic lubricants such as wax, oil or grease.  They may perform well but could behave variably at different temperatures (slippy or gooey) as they get hotter or colder.  Powdered graphite or crayons are common remedies.  Some also use Teflon silicone lubricant, silicone-free products such as McNett’s ZipTech.  We are not associated with nor endorse any of them...  Find the one that works for you! 

Below is a SUB45 prototype.  We ran many tests with it and ran thousands of miles with it.  The zippers are smooth and in perfect shape. We wash, rinse and lube them periodically. 

You own the best zippers available. With proper maintenance, your zippers will perform for decades and outlast any other component!

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