The new FITLY Visor

FITLY products always cumulate function and aesthetic. FITLY Visor's stylish look and precise performance do not deviate.  Wear it on your runs, the court(s), at the beach, or anywhere you go on a sunny day!

Get one
everything you need to run free

Awesomely Body fitting

Featherlight sensation

Filled with innovations

Patent pending and World’s First Thoracic Belt System

S-Café green innovation Odor Resistant Fabric

Surprising Fidlock Magnetic Fastener

Water Resistant phone protection

Especially Durable Fabric

200% Moisture Wicking

Reflective Bands

Minimalist Tube Lock *

Hidden Tubing system *

Low-profile 500ml Soft Flask *

Thermo-protected soft flask pocket *

* SUB90 specific



Designed to:

Protect your phone from sweat & rain

Never affect your running form

Keep items from bouncing

Carry just what you need

Be completely silent

Gently fit your body

Find the right band size
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