The BELT has a static back half to withstand strong pulls and a flexible front half for comfort. The BELT feels snug at all times yet can withstand the unpredictability of canicrossing.

The front side has 2 stretch pockets to store small personal items.

One side of the BELT has a fixed ring to latch on to, the other side comes with a sliding ring for the Promenade mode (see below).

One size fits all, accomodating body types from XXS to XXL.


The LINK has 2 carabiners to latch on to the running belt's rings and a floating ring in the middle to link to the leash.

The LINK is designed to create TRIANGULATION: clip the LINK on the running belt bilaterally splits the pulling force in half and spreads it on each side, making the run widely more comfortable.

When your dog moves sideways, the floating ring slides laterally, keeping the pulling forces evenly split on the belt.


The LEASH comes with a removable pocket to store personal items (treats, poop bags, flasks, your phone, etc.), a bungee segment to soften rapid pulls, 2 rings for various length combinations and a strong swivel carabiner at the end.

The carabiner at the top of the LEASH stows neatly when not needed.

Multiple configuration for multiple purposes

The Running Belt+ Leash is all about "running with your dogs" but is also ideal for many other activities such as promenades, walks in crowded places, multiple dog walking, or just chilling in a public park. For each activity, you can modify its configuration to address all the specific needs.

See below: Running mode, Promenade mode and Short leash mode.

running mode

Position the BELT tightly and low around your hips. Hook up the LINK to the BELT on each side, creating a force-spreading triangle. Unscratch the carabiner from the leash's handle and fasten it directly to the floating Ring on the Link.

TIP: the handle on the leash is directly in front of you and easily reached should you need to handle your dog.


Hook up the LEASH directly to the floating Ring on the BELT. The floating Ring slides back and forth on the belt, following your dog's every moves.

TIP: attach the LINK to the lower D-ring on the leash for a second dog.


Hook the handle's carabiner to the lower ring for a more precise dog handling (ex: public places). Use the lower handle for direct control of the dog.


  • When not in use, the top of the leash carabiner should be stowed by folding it onto itself and scratching it to the velcro.
  • To close the belt buckle, pinch the 2 sides in the middle (like you would pinch a coin). Line them up and close. Do not hold the external ends like regular buckles.
  • When running, position the belt as low on your hips as you can and fasten it tightly to avoid running up.
  • On walks, use the LINK to attach a second dog to the lower D-ring, extend the leash's length or as a solid anchor to attach your dog to a bench, a tree, etc.
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