Size Guide
  • CUSTOMIZED FLASK HOLDER: great for staying hydrated during your runs, trail running, marathons, hikes, workouts, and intense activities.
  • COMPATIBLE with FLASK150, FLASK250, FLASK350, and FLASK400.
  • ONE FLASK350 INCLUDED and the option to use other FITLY flasks, a versatile hydration solution.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR ALL ADULT HANDS: designed to provide a comfortable and personalized fit for every wearer. Whether you have petite hands or larger palms, this hand water bottle holder ensures a secure grip without compromising on comfort.
  • CONVENIENT POCKET STORAGE: the holder has a stretch pocket to store small personal items like keys, phones, or cards. Keep your essentials within reach without the need for additional accessories or pockets weighing you down.
  • VERSATILE WEAR OPTIONS: wear it on the inside or outside of your hand, providing flexibility and comfort based on your preference.
  • Not compatible with F5 and F5L

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