FITLY Sub90 - Hydro Running Pack - Emerald Blue

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FITLY SUB90 Hydro Running Pack is designed to run a little farther.  Slightly roomier than the SUB45.  A clever hydration system, a low profile soft flask integrated into a thermo-pocket to keep liquids cooler longer, the SUB90 is ideal to carry your phone, keys, cards, and hydrate when going for a longer run, hike, bike adventure.

The Thoracic Belt System, a Patent Pending World Premiere, has the perfect stretch to fit snugly and keep all items from bouncing. Located in the subpectoral region for easy access without affecting your running form.

Noteworthy SUB90 features: 

  • Unnoticeably larger than SUB45
  • 17 oz - 500 ml Soft Flask, used as a standalone or with tubing.
  • Soft flask Thermo Pocket (keeps cold 46% longer)
  • Hidden Tubing system so your pack looks beautiful!
  • A clever minimalist tube attachment mechanism 
  • Water Resistant anti-sway phone pocket
  • Really cool Fidlock Magnetic Closure
  • S.Café eco-friendly, moisture-wickingodor-resistant fabric
  • Lightweight, durable, and extremely tear and abrasion-resistant fabric
  • Completely silent zipper tabs

Note: the front pockets on the XS-S model (only) are slightly shorter.  FLASK150, when filled completely, is too voluminous to be used.

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