the Adventure running pack

Surprising comfort

The Adventure Running Pack follows FITLY's focus on featherlight sensations, this time through the use of physics and specific design.

The front of the Sub180 boasts 4 pockets, large enough for hydration, nutrition, your phone, etc.  The shoulder straps are wide and soft to disperse the weight and increase the feeling of snugness.

Two adjustable flexible sternum straps fitted with bilateral tube holders so access to just about everything you need on the run is by design.

1.35L - 46 oz of liquid

Included with the Sub180: a 1.10 L - 37 oz - ingeniously designed Low Profile soft bladder and a 250 ml - 8.5 oz - soft flask in the front pocket.  Contrary to traditional bladders, Sub180's custom bladder is super thin and malleable to fit your body contours. It shrinks as you drink, reducing sloshing and is so thin, it is barely noticable.

WORLD PREMIERE: The bladder pocket is made with Tyvek, a light and strong technical fabric that reflects cold keeping your liquid cooler 30% longer without the need for thick and heavy insulation!

Anti-sway Triangulation

The silky soft upper webbing latches on to the back of the pack. The pulling forces push the pack and its load towards the runner's back drastically reducing the Left-Right swaying you can see in most every other well-filled running pack.

The increased friction also alleviates the shoulder straps' role as load bearers resulting in a feartheless sensation + increased comfort.   

Multi-layer Pockets System

A. Large Back Pocket: to carry the bulk of your load. Expandable through side-stretch panels when you need to fit a little bit more. The stretch panels also increase the pressure on the load to keep them from moving.

B. Full Length Pocket: zip close any longer objects. Call it the banana pocket!

C. Stretch Pocket: strechy catchall pocket.

D. Bladder Pocket: side access to insert or retrieve your bladder.

A Mighty 4 Liters Back Pocket

Made from Tyvek and weather resistant fabric, the main pocket is perfect to stach your adventure accessories. The side-panels stretch so the pack is thin when empty and expands when you need it.

High-Durability Honeycomb Fabric

Using high tenacity fibers, FITLY's fabric is exceptionally durable and puncture resistant. 

The fabric is "best in class", used in high-end mountain guide equipment, made to endure the toughest conditions.


A nice touch of Green Innovation

S.Café® is an eco-friendly (Cradle to Cradle certified) soft fabric that combines nylon yarns and recycled ground coffee at the cellular level. The fascinating benefit is natural odor resistance and 200% ultrawick moisture draining.  S.Café® also naturally cools your skin temperature down. Green innovation at its best!

Silent Zipper Tabs

FITLY is equipped with YKK special noise-free zipper tabs.  The tabs cannot move when you run so annoying ticking noises are impossible. 

NB: zippers maintenance is crucially important.  Read our blog on the subject.


Heat dissipation vents

Located at the top of the shoulders, the heat vents provide cooling where heat typically accumulates.

It also looks mighty cool!

One size fits you

From 24in / 60cm to 48in / 120cm - which is XS to XL.

Be seen!

Front and back safety reflective bands as well as silver reflective logos for your night adventures.


The Adventure Running Pack
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