FITLY Ultra Light Running Shirt

Size Guide

A minimalist running shirt focused on lightness, comfort, and sensation.

Constructed without a single stitch, FITLY shirts are made with a moisture wicking high-quality fabric.  Thermo-bonded (stitch-free) for increased comfort and body fitting.  No chafing possible.  Weighing 2.5 Oz (76 grams), FITLY Shirts are feather-light and superbly comfortable.


  • 100%THERMO BONDED: comfort, lightness, and durability
  • HIGH-TECH: Stitch-Free and UltraSonic-Thermo Bonded and Stitch Free
  • CHAFING FREE: super soft and stretchy material


Made in partnership with Uglow, FITLY shirts are the result of state-of-the-art assembly methods, mastering laser cutting, thermo & ultrasonic bonding for a stitch-free running shirt.



Compositions: 90% polyester - 10% spandex



Sizing Chart

 XS/S = from 26 to 31 in. M/L/XL = from 31 to 40 in