Running and the 1st law of physics.

Running and the 1st law of physics.

January 26, 2018



Pressed with time does not mean losing out on the huge benefits of running. We learned in the last post that running twice a week, even at a slow pace, positively impacts your health.  Let’s now focus on the most important benefit, what drives us all to get out and run.

Getting out for just 15 minutes, even once, has tremendous implication on your overall well-being.  Sports Neurologists will tell you that a brain reset can be triggered in a matter of minutes.  A short run completely stimulates your cardiovascular system, metabolism, muscles, tendons, and pulmonary system. They are required to adapt and such adaptation has significant health benefits, all of which are stored and generate a feeling of wellbeing.

The notion that you “laced up and made it out” also creates a spiral of positive mental feedback.  As you recall, Newton first law is valid for both bodies in motion and at rest!  The issues with a body staying at rest are well known and it statistically does not end well…  Runners train their brain and decision making to “execute their plan” which ultimately generates automatic decision making, or what is known as Momentum of Actions.  “When you go out on Tuesdays, you go out on Tuesdays, even if it rains”.  Momentum of Actions are brain-tricks that naturally push you to act when you could have Netflixed yourself for the night.

Further, your own endogenous opioid, aka endorphin shot, gets produced as soon as you start running, and is difficult to get off once you’ve tasted it.

As you know, many additional benefits can be attributed to running, even short runs: loss of weight, better sleep, self-confidence, mental clarity, etc.

In conclusion, running, even short runs, have significant conscious (and subconscious) impacts in one’s life.  It explains why runners tend to continue running for as long as they can.  You do not often meet someone who used to run and lost the taste of it, except if they generated sufficient Momentum of Inactions and Newton’s first law got the best of them.

All in all, the most important benefit of running is a positive impact on one’s level of happiness.  Every runner knows and feels it. Every non-runner, heading for the couch, will adamantly try to convince you “life is not as simple”…


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