The STRAVA analysis

The STRAVA analysis

January 26, 2018

STRAVA released the 2017 end of year statistics crunching numbers from 24.7 million runs, 83.2K marathons and more than 100 million miles in the UK only!  The compounded data brought to light averages about running distances and running times. 

The results are:

-Average running distance: 5 miles for men and 4.35 miles for women.

-Average running time41.44 minutes for men and 37 minutes for women.

Factored in these averages are the 83.2K marathons, which definitely pushes the average upward.  These findings are logical and completely expected.  Mankind can run long!  Paraphrasing Christopher McDougall in Born to Run...“longer and farther than any other animals”, yet, Strava's averages show that sub 45 minutes is our most ordinary running time.

FITLY’s first model is called: SUB45, which means « designed for sub 45 minutes run ».  If an average run, according to STRAVA, is right below 45 minutes, it appears FITLY is a solution for the clear majority of runners.

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