FITLY Sub180 - Adventure Running Pack - Emerald Blue

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If Sub45 and Sub90 are about less, FITLY SUB180 Adventure Running Pack is about more but without compromising running comfort.  Sub180 is designed to carry all your running adventure accessories.  Made from resistant rip-stop fabric and offering significantly more storage than the previous FITLY packs, Sub180 also serves as a super light day pack, trail running pack, and fast-hike.

The pack is built around 3 main principles:

  • BALANCE: between the 5L of volume storage compartments in the back and the 4 front pockets for spot hydration, nutrition, phone, and accessories.  Linked by wide shoulder straps for increased comfort and weight distribution, 2 heat vents, positioned at the apex, increase cooling where heat typically accumulates. 
  • TRIANGULATION: the upper side webbing attaches to the back of the pack naturally pulling the load towards the runner's back, drastically reducing left-right swayings, typical of most loaded running vests made from stretchy fabric. Very comfy but inadequate to counter load swaying at every step.
  • EXPANDABILITY: the side panels of the main compartment are made from stretch material.  The pack is flat when empty and more voluminous when filled.  The stretch fabric also keeps pressure on the load to avoid items rattling when you run.  The same goes for all 4 front pockets.  

Sub180 is also all about hydration. It comes with: 

  • BLADDER1100: a 1.10 L - 37 oz ingeniously designed Low Profile soft bladder. Contrary to traditional bladders, Sub180's custom bladder is super thin and malleable to fit your body contours.  It shrinks as you drink, reducing sloshing, and is barely noticeable. 
  • FLASK250: a 250 ml - 8.5 oz - soft flask for the front pocket.  FLASK250 is our most popular small flask. 

WORLD PREMIEREThe bladder pocket is made with Tyvek, a very light yet super strong technical fabric that reflects heat & cold keeping your liquid cooler (or warmer) 30% longer without the need for thick and heavy insulation!

Noteworthy SUB180 features: 

  • 1 size fits you: from XS to XL (24 to 48 in).
  • Running poles side attachment
  • Clever bilateral integrated tube attachment mechanism
  • Water Resistant back pocket. 
  • Soft flask elastic retainers on each upper front pocket. 
  • S.Café eco-friendly, moisture-wickingodor-resistant fabric
  • Lightweight, durable, and extremely tear and abrasion-resistant fabric
  • Completely silent zipper tabs
  • Adjustable sternum straps
  • Smooth fabric glass pocket and an internal zip pocket for all your valuables.
  • Front and back safety reflective bands + security whistle

Discover all the features here:  Sub180 FEATURES

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