FITLY Running Belt + Dog Leash - BLACK

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FITLY Running Belt + Dog Leash is for dog-loving fitness enthusiasts. FITLY Running Belt + Dog Leash is an innovative solution that uses physics and high-quality components to combine our love for running with our affection for our four-legged friends.  

Running with a dog is challenging: sudden turns, pulling forces, storage, maneuvering, etc. We use TRIANGULATION to split the pulling forces and apply it evenly on each side of the belt, reducing the unpredictability of movements and increasing running comfort tremendously.  It is a game-changer!

The product has 3 parts:  

  • The FITLY RUNNING BELT has 2 stretch pockets to carry your small personal items and 2 D-rings (one fixed, 1 sliding). An adjustment system going from XXS to XXL.
  • A LINK with two small carabiners (4kN) and a sliding D-Ring to connect the top of the leash with the RUNNING BELT.
  • A DOG LEASH so cleverly designed that it instantly converts from a traditional leash to a strong canicrossing solid line.

The Running Belt+ Dog Leash is also made for many other activities, such as promenades, walks in crowded places, multiple dog walks, or just chilling in a public park. You can modify its configuration for each activity.  

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