FITLY Soft Flasks

Size Guide

Ideal for quick drinks on the run. Gobble up a gel, wet a dry throat, or rehydrate. Designed to be used while running, and all of us who can't stay in place!  Stores directly in your front, side, or back pockets. FITLY Flasks shrink as you drink so nothing ever moves, bounces or rattles. 

  • No liquid bounce - Soft bite to quick flow
  • Shrinks as you drink
  • Leak-resistant and rigid cap ring for easy refill
  • Light, durable, built to last - 100% BPA & PVC free
  • Ideal to drink on the go

    5 models to choose from:

    • FLASK150 (5 oz 150ml - 5.5 x 2.75 in): small enough to fit in FITLY's SUB45 front pockets for quick access.
    • FLASK250 (8.5 oz - 250 ml - 7.5 x 3.5 in): when you need a little more.
    • FLASK350 (12 oz 350 ml - 8.75 x 3.5 in): longer flask. Same width as FLASK250. 
    • FLASK400 (13.5 oz  400 ml - 8 x 4 in): go farther, take more.
    • FLASK500 (17 oz  500 ml - 9 x 2.75 in): the only round bottom flask. Load up!
    • BLADDER500 (17 oz 500ml - 8.5 x 6): an ingeniously low profile design to use as a standalone flat soft flask (screw-on mouthpiece included) or with the 23 in (58 cm) tube with its clever mouthpiece.  Important: BLADDER500 is made to fit the SUB90 and is too big for the SUB45.
    • MINI COMBO = 1 FLASK150 + 1 FLASK350
    • ALL IN COMBO = 1 FLASK150 + 1 FLASK250 + 1 FLASK350 + 1 FLASK400 + FLASK500

    How to use:

    Softly bite the mouthpiece - press the flask - suck on the goodness!

    The more you press, the faster the liquid will exit. The walls collapse as you drink letting you absorb almost 100% of its content.


    Quick note: avoid mixing any liquid container with electronics.

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