Size Guide

FITLY Towel is a waterproof seat protector.  Just slip it on the headrest and unfold. An ideal solution for sweaty, wet, dirty, smelly or just plain messy people!  Swim, Bike, Run, Gym, Crossfit, but also Beach, Pets, Kids, etc.

Machine washable and dryer friendly, FITLY Towel also folds up into a detachable travel cushion and a waterproof bag that doubles as the headrest cover.


Simple, Waterproof, Washable

  • All-in-one waterproof towel - seat cover
  • Fully washable - dryable
  • Absorbent fabric with waterproof backing
  • Simple, slip-on hood for head rests
  • Easily folds into a detachable bag for easy storage
  • Doubles as a pillow for camping or passenger seats

However fun it was, leave the sweat, dirt, and smell on a washable towel, not your car seat!


16 X 12 inches (pillow) 

28 X 54 inches (towel / seat cover)


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Sizing Chart

 XS/S = from 26 to 31 in. M/L/XL = from 31 to 40 in